CSC1321 Programming Language in C++

Date Topics Assignments Notes
1-13 Introduction and class administratives. Familiar with the course resources, rules, grading, etc. Syllabus posted on Blackboard
How to use MS Visual Studio 2019 by Microsoft
How to use MS Visual Studio 2019
How to use Xcode to run C++ programs on Mac computers
Online C++ compiler
Course Share Drive (formerlly known as \\copernicus\public)
1-15 Familiarize Microsoft Visual Studio In-Class Exercise 1
1-22 Chapter 2 1. Read Chapter 2 (2.1 and 2.2)
2. Programming Assignment: P1 (Printing). Due: the midnight of 1-27 (Wednesday) on Blackboard
1-29 Chapter 3 Programming Assignment: P2 (Output). Due: 2-3 (Wednesday). Test review questions
String Example 1
String Example 2
Temperature Conversion
2-5 Chapter 4 Programming Assignment: P3 (GPA Calculator). Due: 2-12 (Friday). Test review questions
2-15 to 19 No classes School was closed due to winter storm
2-24 (Wednesday) Test 1 (Chapters 2, 3, and 4) Taken virtually
2-26 Chapter 5 Programming Assignment: P4 (Conditional Statements). Due: 3/5. Chapter 5 Review Questions
Boolean Algebra Properties